This section covers the pantheons available for player characters to be descended from.

The Aesir (Norse)

The Annuna or Annunaki (Summerian, Babylonian, Mesopotamian)

The Bogovi (Slavic)

The Deva (Hindu)

The Netjer or Pesedjet (Egyptian)

The Orisha (Yoruba, African, Voodoo)

The Teotl or Aztlanti (Aztec)

The Theoi or Dodekatheon (Greek, Roman)

The Tuatha De Dannan (Irish, Celtic)

The Yazata (Persian)

The Kami or Amatsukami (Japanese)

The Shen or Celestial Beaurocracy (Chinese)

The Nemetondevos (Gaul, Celtic)


Possibly these as well (if I manage to find their rules):

The Atua (Polynesian)

The Alihah (pre-Islam Arabic)

The Apu (Incan)

The Elohim (Canaanite, Ancient Hebrew)

The Kuh (Mayan)

The Inue (Inuit)


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